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Terms of Reference

Consultancy to provide Training on Project Management, Monitoring and Impact Measurement to

National Chapters from Latin America

Anti-Corruption: Delivering Change (AC:DC)

Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF)

Part II

November 2009

1. Background

Transparency International (TI) is a global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption. Through more than 90 National Chapters worldwide and an international secretariat in Berlin , Germany , TI raises awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and works with partners in government, business and civil society to develop and implement effective measures to tackle it.

The AC:DC Programme aims to reduce corruption in 25 countries world-wide by advocating for effective anti-corruption policy and practice at the national, regional, municipal and local levels. Compelling evidence is gathered on corruption in diverse sectors and from victims and witnesses of corrupt acts. The evidence will form the basis of various advocacy initiatives toward government authorities and the public at large. National Chapters will seek constructive engagement with the authorities and other partners to push for change in laws, practices and the pervasive public apathy surrounding corruption.

Five National Chapters in Latin America will conduct research and advocacy campaigns in a variety of thematic areas, including Access to Information, Anti-Corruption Conventions, Municipal Transparency, Political Party and Campaign Finance, Conflict of Interest, Regulating Lobbying and Implementing the Nominal Vote.

2. Consultancy

TI is searching for two consultants, one expert on advocacy, one expert on project management and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), to prepare and conduct a training in Spanish for the Latin America region. In exceptional cases, the training could be conducted by a single expert with the required skill-set. The following knowledge, experience and skills are required:

Minimum of five years of relevant experience in identification, management and/or monitoring & evaluation of projects for NGOs or similar entities
Specific experience in developing and delivering participatory training in project management, log-frame methodology and monitoring & evaluation, ideally for good governance and/or advocacy projects
Demonstrated familiarity with various project management and monitoring & evaluation tools
Fluency in Spanish, with good knowledge of English

The planned meeting will bring together project managers responsible for these efforts from five National Chapters, Chile , Colombia , Mexico , Nicaragua and Venezuela , who are all beneficiaries of the AC:DC Programme. Additional countries may also send participants to the session, however not exceeding ten participants in total. It is planned to take place over four days in Bogota , Colombia from 1 – 4 September (tbc), with some flexibility on the dates. Part I will consist of training on Advocacy Skills during one day. Part II will address project management issues generally and defining and monitoring of results and impact in particular over two days. Close coordination between the consultants and with TI is expected in the preparation of the training. The approach should be as participatory and practical as possible, addressing the particular projects of the NCs.

2. Objectives

To ensure common understanding of ACDC/GTF focus on results and impact of evidence-based advocacy efforts
To gain project management and monitoring skills and understand how one can improve project results, define indicators and measure project impact
To understand the value of log-frame methodology and its relevance to individual projects
To gain skills to finalise individual sub-project log-frames
To promote regional exchange and learning

3. Description of services and outputs

3.1. Preparation

§ Familiarisation with the AC:DC/GTF Grant Agreement, TILAC, Reporting Guidelines, Global Log-frame, Sub-project Planning Documents and related Annexes for five NCs.

§ Preparation of workshop package of participatory training materials in Spanish on project management, monitoring and impact measurement, with a focus on the individual NC projects, allowing also for contributions by participants, in addition to hands-on exercises;

§ Preparation of training session in Spanish (specified below) in close cooperation with the GTF Programme Manager and consultant selected for Part I

§ Preparation of practical training sessions in Spanish on project management and monitoring tools, including at least log-frame matrix, risk matrix and Most-Significant Change (MSC) Analysis, and any other tools that may be deemed relevant for the specific sub-projects.

3.2. Training

§ Introduction

§ Session on Project-Cycle Management, with a focus on log-frame methodology, including hands-on exercises on tools

§ Session on Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E), including hands-on exercises on tools and the definition of indicators

§ Session on measuring Impact in good governance and advocacy projects

§ Regional NC Contribution

§ One-on-one or small group sessions on sub-project log-frames

§ Conclusion

3.3. Deliverables

§ Materials for the workshop

§ Short workshop report (in English or Spanish)

4. Proposal & Timeline

§ The proposal (in English or Spanish) should consist of a detailed description of the preparation and delivery of the training session, curriculum vitae of the expert(s), as well as a detailed budget including all travel and accommodation costs. 50% of the proposal evaluation will focus upon the interpretation of the objectives, implementation and schedule of these Terms of Reference and 50% upon the profile of the expert(s).

§ Proposals can be made separately for Part I Advocacy Training and Part II Project Management & Monitoring or a single proposal can be submitted for both components of the same training event.

§ Please note that a separate session will be prepared by TI Staff on the AC:DC/GTF Programme in general and its narrative and financial reporting requirements

§ Submit proposal to GTF Programme Manager, jpolvi@transparency .org by 20 September 2009

§ Produce tailored information/ training package in Spanish by 18 October 2009

§ Conduct training in Spanish in November, the specific dates to be confirmed by TI

§ Produce documentation of the workshop by 19 December 2009

Transparency International is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption.

www.transparency. org

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