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El IPDET, una de las opciones mas prestigiosas para cursos cortos en evaluacion ha inciado el registro para este ano. Para mas detalles ir a www.ipdet.org.
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Registration Open for IPDET 2012!
Online Registration Open for the 2012 International Program for Development Evaluation Training
(June 11 – July 6)    
More than 90% of the participants in the 2011 IPDET would recommend this program to a colleague.
-Annual Evaluation Report, 2011

This is the 12th year that IPDET will offer eighty hours of instruction and hands-on learning in the fundamentals of development evaluation
during the two-week Core Course (June 11 – 22), as well as more than 25 dynamic workshops in the two weeks that follow (June 25 – June 29; July 2 – 6).

IPDET was developed to fill a global need that continues today for short-term, but intensive, executive-level training in development
evaluation. IPDET provides managers and practitioners with the generic tools required to evaluate development policies, programs and projects at the local, national, regional and global levels. An intensive and unique training initiative of the Independent Evaluation Group of the
World Bank and Carleton University, it is offered each summer at Carleton University in Ottawa Canada. We have worked to build on the
successes of the past 11 programs to offer what we believe is a world-class learning experience. 

IPDET is designed for development professionals who will or are conducting or managing development evaluations. Participants have come
from government ministries or agencies in the developing world (more than one-third), development banks (about 16 percent), the non-profit
and foundation sectors (15 percent), the United Nations system (11 percent), as well as bilateral development agencies, universities and
think tanks, and private sector consulting firms specializing in development evaluation.

Applicants can register for any combination of the program that meets their educational needs – from a two or three-day workshop to the
entire four-week program. In addition to intensive learning in large and small groups, the program includes special guest speakers, networking
events, participant roundtables, and more.
Please visit www.ipdet.org for more information about the program and our outstanding group of world-class, international faculty. Apply now!

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Comentário de Guilherme Costa Pereira em 25 janeiro 2012 às 10:30

Fiz o curso em 2010 e achei muito bom. É um curso caro, mas muitos professores são referência em suas áreas, todos com experiências em M&A e as instalações da Carleton University são ótimas (inclusive fiquei hospedado lá pelas duas semanas dos workshops). Entretanto há possibilidades de bolsas, desde que bem justificadas. Atentem para o email que recebi abaixo. Recomendo a todos que, pelo menos, entrem em contato com a organização, via site.


Dear all,

I am getting many questions about the availability of scholarship support for
IPDET 2012. The short answer is "yes", thanks to the generosity of our donors we
have some limited scholarship funds. Eligibility criteria and application
details can be found on the website a href="http://www.ipdet.org>" target="_blank">www.ipdet.org>;. A short summary below
follows three quick notes:

1. Please apply for these funds only if truly impossible for you to attend
without the support. Otherwise you may take funds away from someone who really
needs it.
2. If applying for a scholarship, it is important to get in an early
application. If you wait, it may be that all available funds have already been

3, Competition is intense and about 1 in 5 are funded. You will need to be
compelling as to why you should be awarded. If you and/or your sponsoring
organization are able to make a partial contribution, do so (even if relatively
small). It stretches our funds and demonstrates valuing of the program. We
understand that an organizational contribution beyond release time is not
possible in some cases.

IPDET will consider scholarships for those who come from and work in a
developing country. Employees of development banks or other financial
institutions are generally ineligible. Employees of UN agencies may be awarded
in special circumstances.

Criteria include (i) Individual works in a priority country for donor capacity
building or meets specific criteria identified by the donor, (ii) Individual
holds a position of influence that is likely to foster wider adoption of M&E
practices Please see the website for additional criteria we use.

There is no separate application form. You must first register on the IPDET
website and then complete the on-line application. The form contains a section
where applicants indicate if they are requesting a full or partial scholarship.

If you request scholarship support, you will be asked to indicate in writing how
attending IPDET would benefit your organization. There are additional
requirements such as a strong letter of recommendation from your employer or

Again, please go the website www.ipdet.org and carefully read the information on
scholarships. I hope this brief summary helps address most of your questions.



Linda Morra Imas
Advisor for Evaluation Capacity Development, IEGCS & Consultant

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