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Este é um dos workshops que a Claremont Graduate University estará oferecendo em agosto. Não é comum ter cursos ou workshops voltados para consultores. Por isso, chamo a atenção dos membros da Rede que exercem esse tipo de atividade. 

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Successful Evaluation Consulting: How to Build and Sustain Your Business
Michael Quinn Patton

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Consulting is a niche business. Success begins with identifying and understanding your niche. Marketing and building the practice follows from that. This course features an indirect marketing strategy that builds and deepens demand through knowing and meeting the needs of clients in your consultation niche. It is a value-added strategy.

Issues addressed include: What does it take to establish an independent consulting practice? How do you find your consulting niche? How do you attract clients, determine how much to charge, create collaborations, and generate return business? Included will be discussion on such topics as marketing, pricing, bidding on contracts, managing projects, resolving conflicts, professional ethics, and client satisfaction. Participants will be invited to share their own experiences and seek advice on situations they’ve encountered. The course is highly interactive and participant-focused.

This class offers the opportunity for participants to learn from someone who has been a successful evaluation consultant for 45 years.

Course book: Facilitating Evaluation: Principles in Practice, by Michael Quinn Patton (Sage, 2018).

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