1. ONLINE VOLUNTEERING EVALUATION – CONSULTANCY ANNOUNCMENT: The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Programme intends to hire an international consultant in the capacity of Evaluator for the Corporate Project “A global multi-stakeholder partnership for sustainable development: Online Volunteering and Innovation”. The main objective of the consultancy service is to conduct an independent final evaluation and to prepare a respective evaluation report of the Online Volunteering project, outlining performance vis-à-vis outcomes and outputs as per Project Document. The specific objectives of the final evaluation are the following:

• Review the performance of the project in achieving the outputs as per the Project Document and their contributions to outcome level goals by providing an objective assessment of the intervention’s results, achievements, and constraints.

• Generate lessons to inform current and future corporate strategies. Identify factors, which facilitated or hindered the results’ achievement, both in terms of the external environment and those related to internal factors. This should include but not be limited to assessing the strengths and weaknesses in different implementation stages of the project, its design, institutional arrangements, management and coordination, corporate decisions and human resource.

• Assess the UNV Online Volunteering service’s new cost recovery model: What worked, what did not and why? By looking at both project financing (disbursements and co-financing), as well as external market dynamics, provide recommendations on cost recovery models.

Duty station: Home Based, with one mission to Bonn, Germany

Language: English Application

Deadline: 25 October 2019 (Midnight New York, USA)

For more information and how to apply follow the link below:https://jobs.undp.org/cj_view_job.cfm?cur_lang=en&cur_job_id=88199

MID TERM REVIEW – CONSULTANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme, administered by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereinafter referred to as “UNV” hereby invites you to submit a Proposal for 93949_ UNV Strategic Framework Mid- Term Review (2018 - 2019). T

he purpose of the present bidding is to contract an individual consultant to conduct an evaluative mid-term review (MTR) of the Strategic Framework (SF) and to prepare an MTR report, outlining progress on the SF results during the period 2018 to 2019.

Duty station: Home based with two missions to Bonn, Germany

Language required: English (French is an asset) Duration of the contract: 2 months

Expected duration of the assignment: Jan-Mar 2019 Deadline: 8 November 2019, 10:00 AM EST

This procurement process is conducted through UNDP eTendering online system (interested applicants must register in the system in order to access the additional documents).

Detailed instruction on how to register in the online system can be found in the attached link provided below: If you have already registered in the system before, log in using your username and password. If you do not remember your password, use “Forgot Password” link or contact UNDP for support. Do not register as a new bidder.

Once you have completed registration and are signed in, search for event ID UNV10-93949. For first time registrants, use the following details to login and create access: i. URL: https://etendering.partneragencies.org Username: event.guest Password: why2change (DO NOT change this password) ii. Click on “Register as Sourcing Bidder”

Please note: 1. It is strongly recommended that you create your username with two parts, i.e. your first name and last name separated by ‘.’ (e.g. john.smith). 2. The registration page enables you to create a user ID. The system will generate a temporary password that will be sent to the email address provided by you during registration process. Ensure that the email address you provide is correct as your login password will be sent there. If you do not receive an email within an hour, please check your junk mail. 3. You will be prompted to create your own password. After this process, you will see and be able to bid on both public events and events to which you have been invited. Please ensure that the email address you provide is correct as your login password will be sent there. If you do not receive an email within an hour, please check your junk mail.

Applicants are encouraged to view the User Guide for Bidders which explains the steps that bidders must follow in order to register in the eTendering. We should also encourage you to go through eTendering Resources for Bidders to watch the video guides on How to Register a Bidder Profile in eTendering and on How to submit a Bid on eTendering.

Deadline of submission is indicated in the online system . Any extensions or other amendments to the solicitation documents will be posted in the eTendering system.

Bidders must click on “Accept invitation” button in order to receive automatic notifications if such amendments occur, and to be logged as having posted a bid.

Any queries should be submitted to the following e-mail procurement@unv.org, attention Madalina Florica with the reference 93949_ UNV Strategic Framework Mid- Term Review (2018 - 2019) in the subject line.

UNV looks forward to receiving your Proposal and thanks you in advance for your interest in UNV procurement opportunities.

For more information please follow the link: http://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=60313

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