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Car@s, compartilhando mensagem da EvalPartners (em ingles) sobre a Agenda Global de Avaliação 2016-2020 - EvalPartners, construída por meio de um processo de consulta participativa internacional durante o ano de 2015.

O texto da Agenda e Sumario executivos podem ser encontrados nos links abaixo.


Emilia Bretan
Dear colleagues,

It is our great pleasure and pride to present you the Global Evaluation Agenda (GEA) 2016-2020 which is the first ever long term global vision for evaluation. The GEA has been developed by many colleagues around the globe, working together
under the EvalPartners umbrella. The discussions around evaluation capacities and capabilities intensified during the Year of Evaluation in 2015, which was celebrated at over 92 events around the world. The Year of Evaluation culminated
in a historic global gathering hosted by the Parliament of Nepal in Kathmandu where the GEA was launched and endorsed by various stakeholders including Governments, Parliaments, civil society and academia, with great energy and good humour,
in an atmosphere of global solidarity and partnership.

We would like to highlight the participatory nature of the Global Evaluation Agenda, not only in the way in which it was developed through consultation with the global evaluation community, but also in the way in which we
would like to see it being implemented.

We invite any individual, any organization, any government or any interested party to contribute to implementation of the GEA by undertaking relevant initiatives wherever they live or work. By working together,
wherever we may be, we can advance knowledge, learning and accountability in the journey towards healthier and happier lives, social justice and a safer planet for all.

In this way, we hope to see widespread ownership of the agenda – and indeed, we invite you to play your part, too. We ask you to decide: “which bite of the evaluation apple will you take?”

As an evaluator, a commissioner of evaluations, a manager, a government official, or as a leader or perhaps as a Parliamentarian, we believe you will wish to become familiar with the content of the Agenda so that you can not only use
evaluation to support your work, but also work to strengthen evaluation. Students, trainers, teachers and academicians can also play a key role in sharing and using the agenda in their institutions. We hope the agenda will be widely shared,
discussed and – most importantly - put into action.

Please find the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020 Full Text and Executive Summary online. For more information, please contact Asela Kalugampitiya, EvalPartners Executive Coordinator

Colin Kirk and Ziad Moussa
EvalPartners Co-chairs

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Comentário de Junia Rodrigues de Alencar em 12 abril 2016 às 12:48



Muito obrigada.


Comentário de Guilherme Costa Pereira em 12 abril 2016 às 12:25

Junia, Sugiro que você entre em contato com a Marcia Joppert ou com Martina Rillo. Basta procurá-las no espaço do canto superior direito da página. Ou então clicar em seus nomes que aparecem logo na páginal inicial do site. Elas vão te informar como! Um beijo

Comentário de Junia Rodrigues de Alencar em 12 abril 2016 às 10:50

Excelente material. Obrigada por compartilhar.

Quero me associar à Rede. Como faço.

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