Monitoring & Evaluation training in Brussels

Detalhes do evento

Monitoring & Evaluation training in Brussels

Horário: 5 setembro 2011 a 7 setembro 2011
Local: Não informado
Rua: x-x-x-x
Cidade: Bruxelas
Site ou Mapa:…
Tipo de evento: curso
Organizado por: PCM Group, Process Consultants and Moderators
Última atividade: 2 Ago, 2011

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M&E - Monitoring & Evaluation (3 days) 

Price : 744 (excl. 21% VAT) EUR 
Dates Location Lang. 
5-7 September : Training room PCM Group [en] 

Participants will experience the large scope of components an M&E plan has, and receive hints on how to address challenges of reaching a commonly agreed plan. Moreover they will be clear on terminology, concepts and methodologies. A clear-cut procedure to identify indicators is core in the course. 

This course deals with techniques and approaches both applicable to monitoring, mid-term and ex post evaluations. Evaluation analyses the whole cycle, compares the initial plan with what is actually taking place or has taken place, assessing at the same time the quality of the initial plan and, in the case of the mid-term evaluation, how the current plan could be adjusted and improved according changes which may have occurred since the initial plan or Logframe. The core content of our Monitoring & Evaluation course includes 

* A brief introduction on PCM / RBM 
* Design of the monitoring plan (in the form of a LogFrame) 
* The reconstruction of the understanding of the design of the intervention through the `famous` ex-ante Assessment Technique 
* Practice the formulation of different indicators (Results, Purpose and ASSUMPTIONS) 
* The design of the information flow in the Monitoring system. The course has some theory but aims at being very practical and at encouraging communication and the sharing of experience between participants from different organisations. Thus group work and presentation is a major pedagogical aspect of the course.

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