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India Evaluation Week

Horário: 19 janeiro 2015 a 23 janeiro 2015
Local: India Habitat Centre
Rua: Silver Oak 1, Lodhi Road,
Cidade: New Delhi
Site ou Mapa:…
Tipo de evento: semana, de, avaliação
Organizado por: Institute of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR)
Última atividade: 30 Dez, 2014

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India is very much concerned about the transparent system of monitoring as well as evaluating projects and programmes for their ultimate impact on the people and communities, the country is yet to adopt a formal policy on evaluation. There is a need to develop evaluation culture in the country by involving not only the government but also the academia, the students, the nonprofit sector, and the community as a whole. The event aims to bring visibility to evaluations and a sense of professionalism among evaluation community. In addition to this, the event will aim to demystify and popularize (increase acceptance) evaluation among various stakeholders. The event will address a number of current issues and bring out a specific plan of action not only for India but for other countries as well. 

The broad objectives of Evaluation Week are:

  • Support in building national capacities in policies and practices related to monitoring and evaluation
  • Advocate, support, and promote forums for lessons learned on evaluation practices , both nationally and globally, through interaction with the broader evaluation community;
  • Advocate and share lessons on utilization of evaluation findings through approaches promoting increased sense of participation and ownership

The specific objectives of Evaluation Week are as follows:

  • Initiate the process of formulating a National Evaluation Policy for India and share the best practices and standards for developing a framework towards the policy.
  • Support and share experiences on mainstreaming equity and gender responsive evaluations.
  • Explore the strength of involvement of beneficiaries in the evaluation process through discussions on various parameters and newer approaches in participatory evaluations.
  • Identify the strength and potential of academia to boost the culture of evaluation in the country and evolve it as a mainstream discipline
  • Identify the gaps between the current evaluation systems and the demand of government/policymakers regarding evaluation and its linkages to policies/practices of the country

For more details contact:

Dr. Rashmi Agrawal e-mail: 



Phone: 09818293990 

2. Dr. G.P. Joshi e-mail: 

Deputy Director 

Phone: 09810244524 

3. Ms. Rituu B. Nanda e-mail: rituu< 


Phone: +91 9971439765

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