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On Monday, December 17, the IOCE (International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation) held its AGM (Annual General Meeting) in virtual mode (via webinar).  On the www.IOCE.net website (click on Overview / Assemblies & Meetings) you can see:

  • ·         2012 Annual Report
  • ·         2012 Financial Picture
  • ·         2012 AGM Webinar Summary (screen shot of all the chats)
  • ·         PowerPoint presentation
  • ·         Actual recording of the 90-minute AGM webinar on December 17


If, after reading any of those reports, you have questions or suggestions to submit, you are invited to join a discussion on the IOCE Discussion Forum on LinkedIn.


Why should you be interested in this?  First of all, if you are a member of a national VOPE (Voluntary Organization for Professional Evaluation) that is included in the IOCE database (see the world map or drop-down list by country on the www.IOCE.net website), your VOPE is a Member of the IOCE.  If, on the other hand, your national VOPE (whether formally organized association or society, or informal network or community of practice) is not yet included on the IOCE database, let me know (JimRugh@mindspring.com) and I’ll send you the survey questionnaire soliciting information about your organization.


If, perchance, you are an individual who is interested in monitoring and evaluation (for whatever reason), but are not a member of a national VOPE, you are invited to check out the contact information on the www.IOCE.net website and join your local organization.  Why?  To share with and learn from your professional peers!  And to link up with the international community of evaluators, including regional VOPEs and, through them, the IOCE itself.




Let me also share with you that during the first week of December 80 leaders of national and regional VOPEs and representatives of international agencies that support evaluation capacity development (ECD) met in Chiang Mai, Thailand, as part of the EvalPartners International Forum.  The purpose of the Forum was to share experiences of a number of VOPEs in promoting ECD through training of individuals, strengthening institutional capacities, promoting equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluation, and, especially, experiences in addressing the enabling environment through advocating for enhanced evaluation-related policies and systems on the part of their governments.  Then, based on those experience, the participants in the Forum developed strategies for promoting ECD through civil society organizations in general, and VOPEs in particular.  To learn more about the EvalPartners International Forum go to http://www.mymande.org/evalpartners/forum.  See especially the Chiang Mai Declaration available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.  A number of reports of the Forum and follow-up plans, including the work of five Task Forces, will be posted to that website in the near future.  You will also see there that there are opportunities for joining discussions via a variety of social media.

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