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Training on the Evaluation of Humanitarian Programmes May 2020 

Application deadline: 7 February 2020

Training dates: 18/05/2020 – 22/05/2020


This is a training for people who want to develop knowledge of the principles and methodologies for programme evaluation in the humanitarian sector.

The training will include a balanced combination of lectures, group work and actual case studies.

Please note that the preparations for this training are ongoing. We plan to upload the agenda in January 2020.


The training brings together international expertise and aims to enhance the quality of evaluations in MSF and humanitarian programmes more generally.

By the end of the training participants should be able to:

  • Understand the principles underlying the selection of an appropriate design for an evaluation in the humanitarian context;
  • Identify the sources and methods used to collect data to measure project impact;
  • Critically analyse the opportunities and limitations that emerge when working with a given evaluation approach;
  • Gain practical skills in carrying out evaluations in the MSF environment.


This course is recommended for colleagues, managers, evaluators and people who apply evaluation findings, with the professional and educational experience needed to study the methodology of evaluations.


All applications should meet the following criteria:

  • Advanced degree in Health Management, Medicine, Anthropology, Economics, Logistics, Audit or related fields.
  • Or an undergraduate university degree with two additional years of qualifying experience.
  • Or at least seven years of relevant working experience in an NGO environment with experience in quality management, performance monitoring or audit.
  • Very good command of written and spoken English.
  • Previous evaluation experience is desirable but not essential.
  • A good knowledge of project cycles is advantageous.

 A P P L I C A T I O N

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, 7 February 2020

Applicants from MSF OCA, OCB, OCBA, OCP and OCG should apply through their respective Training Units, which will provide the necessary information and submit the application.

External candidates should apply directly to the Vienna Evaluation Unit:; Subject line: Evaluation Training 2020

Only comprehensive CVs and Letters of Motivation, including applicant’s availability for conducting evaluations in 2020 and 2021, will be considered.

All applications will be carefully screened. The VEU reserves the right to interview shortlisted training applicants. By submitting this application you agree to be contacted by the VEU from February 2020.


  • MSF staff

MSF staff members must apply through their respective Training Unit.

Travel and participation costs will be covered by MSF and must be arranged through your Training Unit.

  • External candidates

Training fees, accommodation and meals during the training period will be covered by MSF-AT. Travel costs and additional expenses must be paid for by the participant.

External participants must organise their own travel arrangements.

MSF-AT does not pay per diem for training participants.

Further organisational details will be communicated in the acceptance letter.

CONTACT US:; Subject line: Evaluation Training 2020

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