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Dear Evaluation Community,


it is only few weeks ago since IPDET has announced its fully virtual program for 2020 due to the outbreak of the global pandemic. Amidst the changing and challenging circumstances, we strive for relevant and useful evaluation capacity development through a variety of online events. 

I want to express my great appreciation to you as evaluation community for going this online path with us and being actively engaged. In this newsletter, you will find exciting opportunities to participate and contribute. I am looking forward to meeting you online! Please spread the word!


Yours sincerely,

Stefanie Krapp

- Head of Program –



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Upcoming events


Mini Series 1 | July 23 | 1pm - 2.30pm
Register here and join the Kick-off for the IPDET Online Program 2020!
Alison Evans (Director-Generale Evaluation at the World Bank Group) will share her thoughts about evaluation in the current context and Reinhard Stockmann (CEval | IPDET Steering Committee) will explain more about the Evaluation Capacity Development Approach that lies at the core of IPDET. Participation is free of charge. More information here



July 7-13 
Register here and participate in the first Evaluation Hackathon ever! 
10 challenges have been crowdsourced from our community that reflect real-life issues in the evaluation sector which are triggered or enforced by COVID-19. Join a team to think out of the box, collaborate and create solutions to a challenge of your choice within a week. The participation is free of charge. The three most promising outcomes will be awarded with incredible prices and presented in our Mini Series 2 on July 21! Find detailed information on the challenges, schedule and awards here




Application for Scholarships is open! 
We offer 8 online workshops covering highly relevant topics delivered by our renowned international faculty. See the full program here and detailed information on the scholarship application criteria here.





Stefanie Krapp, Head of IPDET, and Jason Mayfield, IEG, have been interviewed by Reinhard Stockmann during the CEval Evaluation Day - watch the recording if you have missed it (the talk starts at 5h 51min in the stream)! 


Preview YouTube video gLOCAL-Evaluation Day

gLOCAL-Evaluation Day

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