International competition: "good practices in child and youth-centred evaluation methods" _UNICEF + AfrEA

Dear Colleagues,

In order to foster a dialogue on how to further strengthen the quality and effectiveness of child and youth-centred methods within the scope of development programmes evaluations, the UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa (WCARO) in collaboration with the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA), launched a competition open to all evaluators with relevant experience in this area not only in the West and Central Africa region but also elsehwere. The objective of the competition is to identify good practices in child and youth-centred evaluation methods.
If you have tested innovative child and youth-centred evaluation methods either in West and Central Africa or elsewhere during some of your past evaluations, we ask you to kindly email us your contribution in Word format (Times New Roman 11- Three pages max. in length) by providing the following information (where applicable):

  • Your first and last name,
  • Country of residence,
  • E-mail address,
  • The name of the country where the evaluation was carried out,
  • More details on child and youth-centred methods that you would like to share,
  • The lessons learned while using the method(s) in question, and
  • Any other suggestions on how this method could be improved in the future.

Please send your contribution in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese by MARCH 20, 2020 to and indicate "Child and Youth Centred Methods Competition" in your email subject title.

Amongst all the contributions received by UNICEF, the 10 most innovative will be shortlisted and the respective authors will not only win a 3-year AfrEA membership but also get a chance to present their work during a UNICEF webinar. In addition, the three best contributions will be posted on the evaluation site of the UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa.

Thank you very much,


Michele Tarsilla, PhD
Regional Evaluation Adviser
Twitter: MiEval_TuEval
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa
PO Box 29720 Dakar-Yoff, SENEGAL

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