EvalYouth Global Mentoring Program 2020 Launch

EvalYouth Task Force II is excited to present Phase III of its EvalYouth Global Mentoring Program (EGMP) for 2020. This year, the EGMP 2020 invites applications from dedicated mentors working in the field of evaluation and mentees, Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs) who aspire to be leaders in their evaluation careers. The program was first launched as a pilot in 2017 to 2018 with 52 mentor and mentee pairs and in 2019 with 123 mentees and 91 mentors participating. An evaluation was completed after each phase to ensure that recommendations and lessons learned are incorporated into the next phase; including the EGMP 2020.  

The EGMP 2020 is a highly engaging blend of online learning, self-study, mentoring and peer to peer learning. It includes the following

  1. Four modules divided between basic and advanced levels. Each Module will take up about a month to complete. These include:

  •        Module 1: Connecting and bonding

  •        Module 2: The world of design, monitoring and evaluation

  •        Module 3: Actors and opportunities in the evaluation ecosystem

  •        Module 4: Thinking about the future

  1. Peer to peer learning and networking with heavy engagement on the LMS. This also includes submitting assignments and joining discussion boards on the LMS.  

  2. A closing session with a final ceremony, and certificates of completion.

The EGMP 2020 program is designed:

  • To equip YEEs with the needed knowledge, skills, and capacity for a successful evaluation career;

  • To help YEEs formulate an actionable professional development plan with clear steps towards developing those skills; 

  • To help YEEs identify and overcome challenges, barriers, fears of developing a career in evaluation;

  • To aid YEEs in building stronger professional networks towards the advancement of the profession;

  • To build linkages with internships and job opportunities in the field; and 

  • To increase the commitment of evaluation experts who contribute to the evaluation capacity development of YEE.

EGMP 2020 Summary

Duration: 4 months. 

Total time commitment: Approximately 2 to 4 hours per month for mentors and around 10 hours for mentees.

Where: Learning Management System (LMS) and other virtual spaces.

Certification: Participants will be provided with a certificate on completion of programme assignments. 

Cost: No cost, but proof of commitment will be required. 

If you are dedicated and are willing to commit your time and effort to learn and engage with other mentors and mentees, then join us! The EGMP 2020 has very limited seats and a strict selection of best-qualified candidates. 

Application forms (English only): Mentors Apply here; Mentees Apply here 

Application Deadline: September 6, 2020, 17:59 PM EST (New York Time)

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