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Call For Proposals for 2017
AEA International Travel Awards 
Deadline: Friday, March 17, 2017 

The American Evaluation Association and the International and Cross-Cultural Evaluation TIG are pleased to invite professional evaluators living and practicing in emerging countries or countries in transition to submit applications for International Travel Awards to attend and present at the 2017 AEA Annual Conference to be held November 6-11, 2017 in Washington, DC, USA. This year we anticipate awarding seven International Travel Awards of approximately $2,000 USD each plus waived conference registration, pre/post conference workshops, and AEA membership. The awards may be used to cover actual travel costs, food, and shared accommodations. All awards are paid out at the conference as reimbursement of documented expenses and are paid only to those who are selected, who attend, and who make the anticipated presentation. The International Travel Awards recipients will be notified no later than July 11, 2017.

Eligibility Criteria: In order to qualify for an AEA International Travel Award, all applicants must meet all criteria below: 

  • Have not previously participated in AEA conferences;
  • Demonstrate good fluency in English, being able to make a professional presentation and sustain a discussion in English (applicants may be interviewed by one of the International and Cross-Cultural TIG Co-Chairs as part of the selection process);
  • Submit a complete INDIVIDUAL application (group applications will not be accepted), including cover letter, budget, curriculum vitae or resume, and 2 letters of reference. No application will be considered without all of these elements;
  • Be a citizen of, and both reside and practice evaluation in, an emerging country or country in transition for at least two years (US citizens or those with dual citizenship between the US and a second country are not eligible; for a list of countries considered to be emerging or in transition, click here);
  • Propose to present at the Evaluation 2017 conference and have at least one proposal accepted.Applicants must submit one of the following approved presentation types: Panel, Paper, Multi-paper, Roundtable, or Think Tank. Submissions that do not follow the approved formats will not be considered for these awards. If a proposal is submitted in an approved session format, but is accepted to present as a format outside of the approved list, then the submitter is not eligible for these awards.  

Funds for the International Travel Awards are raised through generous donations to the annual AEA silent auction and the contributions of workshop speakers who donate their honorariums.

Submission Process: In order to apply for the AEA International Travel Awards, please follow the two steps below:

  1. Review the proposal submission guidelines online by clicking here and then submit a proposal on or before the Friday, March 17, 2017 deadline. You may submit a proposal focusing on any evaluation topic, although you are encouraged to consider the theme of the conference when choosing a topic; and
  2. Email the following documents on or before the Friday, March 15, 2017 deadline to Xiaoxia Newton at
  • A cover letter, not exceeding one page, noting your interest in applying for the International Travel Awards;
  • A completed Evaluation 2017 International Travel Awards Application Form;
  • A current Curriculum Vitae or Resume, and
  • Two letters of support, one of which must come from, and document your membership in, your local evaluation association (if one exists) and verify your full contact information: email, telephone, postal address, and work affiliation.
  • In the subject line, please include the text 'International Travel Awards Application'.

Proposals should be in English, while letters of support may be in a different language (English, Spanish, or French are preferred).

Please note that the conference proposal and international travel award application processes are separate and require two actions. While proposals are submitted online via the AEA website, travel awards are processed manually by the ICCE TIG Co-Chairs. Applications submitted without a proposal submission to AEA or proposals submitted to AEA without application submission to Xiaoxia Newton will not be considered for these awards. Upon submission of your proposal, be on the lookout for an email from AEA confirming the successful receipt of your proposal.

Expectations: You will be attending the AEA Annual Conference from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday (November 8-11, 2017), and, at some point during that time, you will be giving your presentation as scheduled on the conference program. You are welcome to attend pre- or post-conference workshops (November 6-8 & 11, 2017) , but these are not required. Participants in the program will receive special invitations to meet colleagues from around the world and participate in special sessions at the conference.

Selection: A small committee of reviewers from the International and Cross-Cultural Evaluation TIG of AEA will select the travel award recipients based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the proposal submitted for presentation at the conference (relevance/importance to a broad AEA audience; relevance/importance to the TIG; technical quality; innovativeness; contributions to new AEA members' professional development; diversity/variety of presentations; and, focus on evaluation methods, theories, policies, and practices),
  • Evidence of leadership in and contributions to the evaluation profession in your country of practice (These contributions can be professional associations or the workplace. Applicants from countries that do not have a professional evaluation association will not be ranked lower than applicants that do have an association),
  • Quality of the supporting documentation (cover letter and letters of support). 

Assistance with Your Proposal and Application: If you are considering applying for an International Travel Award and would like assistance in developing and compiling your conference proposal and/or your International Travel Award application, or determine your eligibility to apply, please contact Xiaoxia Newton at on or before Friday, February 24, 2017. We will connect you with a coach from AEA's International and Cross-cultural Topical Interest Group.

Application Deadline: Friday, March 17, 2017 at 11:59 in the Eastern Time Zone in the United States (EST). Please note that this is shortly after the deadline for submitting a conference proposal and that you must have submitted both your conference proposal to AEA and emailed your supporting documents for the Travel Award to Xiaoxia Newton on or before Friday, March 17, 2017. In the subject line, please include the text 'International Travel Awards Application'.


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