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EvalPartners, UNWomen and IOCE, in cooperation with UNEG, OECD/DAC EvalNet and Ministry of Foreign affair, Finland,  are pleased to announce the launch of its latest e-Learning course on Advocating for Evaluation as part of the broader e-learning programme in Development Evaluation. This course is particularly important to facilitate countries to develop and implement their own context-specific advocacy strategy to strengthen an enabling environment for evaluation in the Year of evaluation.


The course is based on EvalPartners Evaluation Advocacy Toolkit and includes eight units. Six world level specialists in evaluation and advocacy including senior representatives of the international community, a Member of Parliament and senior evaluation managers teach this course. The units and presenters are as follows:




1. Introduction: Advocacy for building an enabling environment for evaluation

Marco Segone

2. Developing an advocacy strategy to build an enabling environment for evaluation (Part 1)

Neha Karkara

3. Developing an advocacy strategy to build an enabling environment for evaluation (Part 2)

Neha Karkara

4. Tracking progress in advocating for an enabling environment for evaluation

Julia Coffman

5. Advocating for equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluation policies

Inga Sniukaite

6. Strengthening partnerships to influence evaluation policies and systems

Tessie Catsambas

7. Working with parliamentarians to increase demand for evaluation

Kabir Hashim

8. Managing knowledge, risks and resources in advocacy

Neha Karkara


The e-learning course is free and open to all interested evaluators. You may attend virtually from your personal or work computer anywhere in the world. The course includes on-line lectures, reading material and tests. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in an on-line forum, and on successful completion of the e-learning course will be able to print out acertificate of virtual attendance.


For additional information on the e-learning programme on Development Evaluation, watch the introductory video by Marco Segone (UNWOMEN Evaluation Office and EvalPartners Co-Chair) and Natalia Kosheleva (IOCE President and EvalPartners Co-Chair). For registration, visit


Best regards


Marco Segone, UNWOMEN Evaluation Office and EvalPartners Co-Chair

Natalia Kosheleva, IOCE President and EvalPartners Co-Chair




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