Conferência Internacional da Sociedade Australiana de Avaliação

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Conferência Internacional da Sociedade Australiana de Avaliação

Horário: 27 agosto 2012 a 31 agosto 2012
Local: The Adelaide Convention Centre North Terrace,
Rua: Adelaide South Australia 5000 W:
Cidade: Adelaide, Australia
Site ou Mapa:
Telefone: Ph: +61 2 9265 0700 Fax: +61 2 9267 5443 Email:
Tipo de evento: conferência, internacional
Organizado por: AES
Última atividade: 22 Ago, 2012

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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to The Australasian Evaluation Society (AES), Adelaide 2012 International Conference website.

The South Australian AES Conference Committee is proud to offer you this opportunity to join us in Adelaide for the 2012 Annual Conference.

Starting with workshops on Monday 27 & Tuesday 28 August 2012, the Conference itself will be held 29 – 31 August. The venue will be the Adelaide Convention Centre, a world-class conference facility set on the banks of the Torrens Riverin the heart of central Adelaide.

This year’s theme, Evaluation in a Changing World, invites all those with an interest in evaluation to think about the ways our world is changing and therefore our work is – or could be –changing. As examples: What are the implications:

  • of the changing balance of world power for work in international development, and therefore for its evaluation?
  • of climate change for the evaluation of work in natural resource management and disaster management?
  • of wicked social problems and their implications for the evaluation of the complex, fuzzy policies and programs that seek to address them?
  • of changing social and community relationships within and across cultures, both in Australia and overseas?
  • of new technology for the ways that societies work, that programs work, for what policy makers and program staff may need from evaluation; and for the ways in which we might collect, store, report and represent evaluation data and findings?
  • for what evaluators need to know and to be able to do, in this complex and fast changing world?

This theme provides an invitation to highlight and examine new developments in evaluation methodology and technologies. It also invites the AES and the conference itself to trial some innovative sessions, approaches, and technologies.
We look forward to seeing you in Adelaide.

Bronte Koop and Gill Westhorp
Conference Co-Chairs

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Estarei fazendo um curso na Enap.

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